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빈 공장

Nuri Medics

About us.

Established in 2013, we signed an OEM contract with a leading pharmaceutical company in Korea to produce disposable bands and dressings for wound treatment and emergency treatment. Through continuous development of new products and quality improvement, we have continued to grow significantly every year.

For export, hydrocolloid products are mainly produced, and our hydrocolloid products are equipped with excellent quality control and price competitiveness by establishing production lines from fabric production to product packaging.

In particular, our hydrocolloid products used raw materials that can be certified vegan, and we confirmed that they are vegan products through DNA testing.

In addition, we have quality certifications such as ISO13485 and 22716 in accordance with international standards, and we manage product production and quality accordingly.

Nurimedics will always take the lead and contribute to the development of medical care and hygiene.

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