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Vegan Hydrocolloid Patches

Hydrocolloid is water retention bandages like gelatin. Hydrocolloid products have the properties of gels and the increasing properties and adhesiveness such as rubber, so they have self-adhesion and waterproofing functions.

Nuri's hydrocolloid band is made using 100% vegan ingredients. And the main 7 types of raw materials used were confirmed to be vegan through DNA testing.

Hydrocolloid Characteristics

▶ It is self-adhesive, so there is no need to use chemical adhesives for bandages or dressings.
▶ Because of its gel properties, it has more resistance to external impact than general dressings or bandages.
▶ Due to its rubber-like properties, it has excellent waterproofing ability.
▶ Due to its hydrophilic nature, it absorbs body fluids from the wound and creates a moist environment without drying out the wound.

how to work hydrocolloid

① It prevents the wound from drying out and maintains an environment (moist environment) where body fluids are sufficiently secured.

② Factors that restore wounds are actively regenerating the epidermis to speed up recovery.

Moist Treatment

how to work hydrocolloid patch

It is a new method of wound treatment that has begun to attract attention relatively recently. It is a so-called Moist Treatment that treats without forming scabs.

▶ By preventing the entrance of the wound from drying out, it creates a moist environment.

▶ Due to the active movement of wound healing factors, the epidermis is regenerated and the wound heals quickly.

These hydrocolloid dressings or bandages function to heal wounds more quickly and without scarring.

Wounds are healed by the activity of the transparent liquid [body fluid (exudate)] coming out of the wound. The hydrocolloid seals the wound securely, absorbs and retains these fluids, creates a moist environment suitable for wound healing, and helps the skin to regenerate without scarring.

Hydrocolloids that make scabs less likely to form and relieve pain

Hydrocolloid dressings or bandages do not dry out the wound, creating an environment in which scabs are difficult to form, creating an environment that regenerates the skin. In this environment, it is difficult to leave scars, and due to the strong adhesion of the hydrocolloid itself, it prevents invasion of foreign substances (bacteria, dust, etc.) and at the same time relieves pain by protecting it from external impact directly applied to the wound.

hydrocolloid patch

 Moist Treatment 

The ointment from the wound has the power to heal and disinfect wounds.
When an injury occurs, a discharge comes out of the wound. This ointment contains factors that heal wounds. It is called “Moist Treatment” that says that maximizing the activity of this body fluid heals wounds quickly.

Hydrocolloid patches
Non- beveling hydrocolloid acne patches
Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

Non- beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

1. Non- beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

    8/10/12mm (0.31/0.39/0.47in) mixed

    (8: 8 / 10: 14 / 12: 6)

Non-beveling products have a large number of patches and have the advantage of being inexpensive, but they have the disadvantage of lower adhesive strength compared to barbelling products.

Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

2. Beveling hydrocolloid acne patches
    10mm (0.39in) 18ea
    12mm (0.47in) 15ea 

vegan hydrocolloid acne patches

Excellent fixation and adhesion! Beveling method
It is a beveling type with thinly compressed edges of the patch, so it has good skin adhesion, so it does not come off easily when attached, and a natural cover is possible without being visible.

Cutting line
When the product is peeled from the film, the patch can be easily removed from the film and the film has a cutting line to prevent damage.

vegan hydrocolloid patches
vegan hydrocolloid pimple patches
vegan hydrocolloid sheets

Hydrocolloid sheet

4. Hydrocolloid sheet 
    (5x5cm / 10x10cm) (1.96in / 3.93in)

It creates a moist environment that helps quick wound healing by absorbing wound exudates. It has excellent wound protection effects as it has waterproof and UV protection functions, and it minimizes scarring by not forming scabs on the wound.

vegan hydrocolloid manufacturer
Breathing wound care “Hydrocolloid”

Using 100% hydrocolloid fabric, it has excellent fit and soothes the skin with the same feeling as your own skin.

vegan hydrocolloid
Safe with double protection!

Hydrocolloids protect wounds from water, dirt and bacteria! Absorbs ginseng water (secretion), a natural bio-healing material, for quick wound recovery! Maintaining a moist environment that minimizes scarring without scab formation on the wound, It has a UV protection function, so it is effective for wound management!

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