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Hydrocolloid patches_Non beveling

Beveling & Non-Beveling

Two types of hydrocolloid patches.

I explained the beveling patch in the previous post

This time, I would like to explain the Non-beveling patch

Non beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

Non-beveling hydrocolloid acne patches

​Non-beveling products have a large number of patches and have the advantage of being inexpensive, but they have the disadvantage of lower adhesive strength compared to beveling products

Non-beveling hydrocolloid patches
hydrocolloid patches

In the case of a thin version with a thickness of 0.25mm, it does not fall easily by increasing adhesion.

It doesn't have beveling and is thin, so it's hard to see even when you put it on your skin. And it's good to use before acne gets bigger by adding ingredients that increase the calming effect.

Two type of Non-beveling hydrocolloid patches

Original and Thin versoin

Original - Thickness 0.37mm(0.0145in) 1. 8/10/12mm (0.31/0.39/0.47in) mixed (8: 8ea / 10: 14ea / 12: 6ea)

2. small sized sheet

    10mm(0.39in) 5ea / 12mm(0.47in) 3ea / 12mm(0.347in) 6ea

Thin - Thickness 0.25mm(0.0098in) 1. 10mm : 18ea/23ea 2. 12mm : 15ea

Original Ingredients: Hydrocolloid, Centella Asiatica Exract

Thin lngredients: Hydrocolloid, Centella Asiatica Exract, Tea tree oil

(You can add the raw materials you want)

The 0.25mm translucent matte patch enhances adhesion and does not easily fall off even  without beveling. And because it's thin, it doesn't show easily even when applied to the skin.
hydrocolloid patches size

Using 100% hydrocolloid fabric, it has excellent fit and soothes the skin with the same feeling as your own skin.

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